Alder Trestle Table


I saw the huge alder boards at my favorite lumberyard and knew they’d be perfect for our new kitchen table: 2″ thick, 10″ wide, with bark on both sides. There were plenty in stock, so I kept putting off the purchase … until one day I visited and suddenly there were only three left. So I took the rest, and got busy.

The vision was for something simple but interesting; with all the character of a farmhouse table but in a modern design. I wanted the table to be as long as possible (I managed to coax almost seven feet out of the warped boards) but not too wide (to work with our dining room layout).

The base is a simple trestle. To lighten the typically heavy look, I added tapered bevels to the uprights, feet, and arms. These bevels soften the corners and lift the visuals of the base — a nice complement to the organic edges of the table top.

This one is a permanent addition to our home, and the clients are very pleased!