Private Lesson

Private Lesson


Just you, me, and a shop full of tools!

In a three-hour session I’ll teach you some of the basics of working in a woodworking shop.

  • In my Cutting Board Project, you’ll get an introduction to the four major tools you can use to mill rough wood: the chop saw, jointer, planer, and table saw. Once all the glue dries, you’ll have a cutting board that you made yourself!

  • In my Sliding Top Box Project, you’ll make a mitered box with a sliding lid. This class is table-saw focused and gives you lots of practice making a variety of cuts on the saw. You’ll take the box home with you at the end of class where you can do final trimming and sanding once the glue dries.

Materials are extra (generally $20 - $30).  Safety gear (eyes/ears/lungs) required (safety kits are available for $15 in the shop). Read this page about shop safety.

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