The Pencil Box

The Pencil Box


In this two-night class we'll build a simple, beautiful box with a sliding lid. This is a great opportunity to explore different kinds of wood and how they can combine for dramatic, classic, or subtle effects. We'll talk about miter cuts, housed panels, and using grain and color to create interesting designs.

This course introduces you to one major tool: the table saw. We'll talk about how to use (and how not to use) the table saw for safe, precise cuts.  We'll cut miters, dados and splines on the table saw using various accessories.

Participants must be at least 16 years old.


  • Make sure you read this page about shop safety.
  • We'll make the pencil boxes using the wood(s) and dimensions you choose. If you want the box to be able to hold something specific, measure it beforehand (or bring it along).


  • A $20 - $40 materials fee is collected at the start of class. The exact amount depends on the wood you choose for your design.
  • Eye protection, dust mask, and ear plugs are mandatory. I sell safety kits at the shop for $12, or bring your own.


In addition to learning some new skills and having fun, you'll bring home a cool pencil box that you designed and made! We'll do a bit of light sanding in the studio, but you might want to do some more touchups at home. Your pencil box will be unfinished, and we'll discuss possible finishing options at the end of class.

This class is offered on two consecutive Monday or Thursday nights, from 6pm to 9pm. Contact me and we'll arrange a schedule that works for you.

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