Private Lessons

Private Lessons at Ruby Pear Woodworks are fun, inclusive, and a great way to dip your toe into the wonderful ocean of woodworking.

I specialize in teaching complete beginners how to safely and confidently use machines like table saws and planers, while making simple useful projects.

Private lessons are limited to just one or two people, so you get lots of attention while working in shop.

Absolute beginners are welcome — private lessons make great gifts!

Choose Your Own Adventure!

I offer two fun projects to choose from. Both are perfect for beginners.

Big Tool Playtime

Get an introduction to the big four woodworking machines: chop saw, jointer, planer, and table saw. We’ll learn how to mill wood from rough-sawn to perfectly square, and then glue up the sticks we made into handy new cutting boards. This class is perfect for beginners who would like to have a fun, relaxing evening learning the basics of milling. Plus, you’ll get to take home* a cutting board that you made yourself!

*note: the glue needs to dry; cutting boards are generally available for pickup the following week.


In this class, we’ll spend the whole time working on the table saw. From an explanation of the essential safety features, we’ll move on to rip cutting, cross cutting, miter cutting, and more!

In this class we’ll build a pencil box with a sliding top. You’ll take your box home with you at the end of class, but please note that you’ll need to do final sanding and a bit of trimming at home, once the glue dries.

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All classes are three hours long, and suitable for one or two students (be sure to buy the “second student add-on” for two people). Materials are not included, and generally cost $20 - $30. Safety gear (eyes/ears/lungs) is required, and I sell safety kits in the shop for $15. I take cash or credit cards at the studio.