Classes at Ruby Pear Woodworks are fun, inclusive, and empowering. Whether you're a complete beginner or know your way around a table saw, you'll find a fun project to help you grow your skills and passion.

All the classes are built around simple, useful projects. I've designed a curriculum that builds and reinforces the skills you're learning with each new piece you make.

Creativity is built right in. Each project is flexible: you can choose the dimensions and wood. And since this workshop has a wood-first philosophy, with every project I'll teach you how to look at wood with a fresh perspective. You pick the species, boards, and grain patterns that are just right for you!

Classes are small, so you'll get lots of individual instruction along the way. We keep the focus on safety and how to bring the skills you're learning back home to your own projects.

(Group classes are on hiatus for 2019. Check back in 2020. In the meantime, I’m offering private lessons…)

Private Lesson
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Private Lessons

Just you, me, and a shop full of tools!

I'll craft a custom curriculum for you to learn whatever it is you're interested in. Want to learn the basics? Double down on hand tools? Build a cutting board or pencil box? Learn how to master a specific joint? I'll help you out!

Materials are extra (or bring your own).  Safety gear (eyes/ears/lungs) required. Read this page about shop safety.

Sessions are three hours long, and are offered weekdays and Thursday evenings. Please contact me before booking this class to discuss the kind of instruction you'd like and our mutual availability. Maximum two people per class.

Private lessons make great gifts!

Private lessons are focused around small, simple projects such as a cutting board or box. Absolute beginners are welcome! The cutting board project provides a perfect introduction to the major woodworking machines and how to use them safely.

More complicated projects (cabinets and drawers, for example) are typically beyond the scope of what I can teach in private lessons.