In addition to making gorgeous custom fine furniture, I love to make smaller pieces for your home. My hand-made cutting boards are well-known in Seattle, and I also create custom boxes, trays, and other small items.

Cutting Boards

I make a hundred or so cutting boards, by hand, every year. Most of these are made for the holiday gift market, but I take custom orders throughout the year. Large or small, and in a surprising range of species and colors — I can make something perfect just for you. And my large chef’s boards make phenomenal wedding presents for couples who love to cook!

Custom cutting boards range in price from $100 to $300 (and up) in your choice of wood, grain pattern, and size, with or without juice groove. Custom boards generally take one or two weeks to make. If you'd like one sooner, you can see the boards currently for sale in the Ruby Pear Shop.

Glitch Board 10.jpg


Wooden boxes can range from the simple to the incredibly ornate. Their small size lets you really show off the most beautiful, precious pieces of wood — and I’ve got lots of lumber in the wood pile that would make fantastic signature boxes. I’ve created art boxes, jewelry boxes, dice boxes… a beautiful box made from a special piece of wood makes a great gift!

Boxes are made to order, to your custom specifications.



I started out making trays from salvaged cedar fence boards. Inside those mossy green boards was beautiful glowing orange-cream grain, and trays were a great way to show it off.

I’ve since moved on to more substantial serving trays made from various hardwoods. The design continues to be focused on showing off the beautiful grain that flows along the piece, and it continues to evolve over time. Check the Ruby Pear Shop to see what trays are currently for sale, and as always you can contact me to build a custom tray just the way you'd like it.

ARTISAN Steve Leroux 02.jpg

And Beyond

Got an idea for something I haven’t talked about? I love to work with my clients to create something new and special.  Let’s talk!