Inside Outside Furniture

One of my very first furniture designs is still one of my favorites. 

I'd collect old cedar fence boards (the fencing material of choice here in Seattle) from Craigslist and word of mouth. It would take a year for them to dry, in piles under tarps and in spidery corners of the basement, but when they were ready they were gold.

Inside each board, under all the grim and moss and old BB pellets was a beautiful fresh surface, sparkling and shimmering. I split the boards in half, rearranging  them until I found a satisfying pattern, and then polished them shiny.

I left the bottoms of the table- and bench-tops gray-green, lightly sanded, keeping the beautiful patina thatslowly grows on old fence boards. Hence the name: the "inside" of the board, with the fresh clean wood, becomes the outside surface you use.

I don't make this style any more ... mostly because I've run out of old cedar fence boards. But I've started searching for boards again, so maybe in a year or so I'll have some fresh stock ready and some old ideas back to life.