Ol' Floaty Lives Again

Floaty came into my life one wet evening on Guemes Island, a few hours’ north of Seattle. He was gently bobbing in the receding tide, and it was love at first sight. I hauled him through the water, back to our cabin, into our car, and back on home.

Two years later, he was dried all the way through and ready for a new adventure. Danny was looking for two signature coffee tables for his office, and was using words like “driftwood vibe” and “I like when material determines some of the shape of furniture.” Floaty was going to his forever home!

There was just slightly more than enough wood to build these two side tables. The structure is reminiscent of a pier, and I retained the rough texture of the original wood on the underside (sans splinters, of course). There are even charred sections from some long ago beach bonfire.

The color of the wood was a beautiful even gray all the way through. I wanted to maintain that cool color after finishing, so I used a water-based acrylic instead of my usual oil-based finish (which tends to yellow the wood).

Danny had suggested adding a drawer to the project, but there wasn’t enough room in the log to make that happen. So instead, I built him a little tray with the few pieces of floaty that were left over.