Solid Wood Chef's Boards

Solid Wood Chef's Boards

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Note: stock is turning over quickly during the holidays -- contact me to find out what's currently available, or to request a custom size or wood.

These solid wood cutting boards show off the beautiful grain and color of one specific species of wood. Usually each board is made from a single piece of lumber. Solid Wood Chef's Boards are available in a variety of woods, including cherry, walnut, jatoba (brazilian cherry), eastern maple, and western maple.

End grain chef's boards are gentle on knives; the fibers are oriented towards the cutting surface and separate with each cut. They are built to last for generations.

I often hear that these boards are "too beautiful to use" -- but that's what they're made for! I believe that your most beautiful tools should be the ones you use every day... that's why I make art for your kitchen counters. 

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