Student Info

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Getting Here

My workshop is located at 120 NW 135th Pl, Seattle, WA 98177. We’re in the Broadview neighborhood of NW Seattle. Feel free to park in front of the house, perpendicular to the street.

The studio is located behind the house in the backyard. Come down the driveway, through the v-shaped gate, and into the backyard. The studio is in the garage; come on in and make yourself comfortable. I'll be in there at the class’s scheduled start time.

We have a friendly dog named Frank who will usually be inside the house (which is also where the bathroom is); if you're uncomfortable with dogs let me know.

If you’re late or lost or otherwise need to get in touch, call or text me at 206-992-7009.

What to Wear and What to Bring

Wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty. We’ll be getting dusty and glue doesn’t wash out once it dries. Absolutely no loose fabrics — no dangling sleeves or sweaters. Long sleeves are fine if they’re tight on your arm. I have aprons you can borrow while you’re working in the shop to help keep your clothes a little cleaner.

The shop temperature ranges from low 60’s to upper 90’s depending on the season and how long the dust collector has been running (it works hard and really heats up the shop).

Wear closed-toe shoes — sneakers are fine.

Bring along safety gear (eye, ear, and lung protection), or you can buy a safety kit at my shop for $15.

Class materials typically cost $20. I can take cash or a credit card at the shop.

If you’d like to bring a water bottle, drink or snack to the workshop, that’s fine. Please keep food and drink off the machines and at the periphery of the shop.


Shop Safety

We take safety very seriously. All students are required to observe the following rules. Please read and understand these policies before coming to the shop.

  1. No alcohol or drugs. Under no circumstance is any alcohol or other intoxicating substance to be consumed in the shop or before using any tools. Do not have a drink with dinner and then expect to participate in that evening's class.

  2. Wear appropriate safety gear. Eye protection, ear protection, and lung protection (dust masks) are mandatory. You can bring your own if you have it; I have safety packs available for sale in the shop for $15.

  3. Dress appropriately. No open-toed shoes. Long hair must be tied back. Long sleeves must be tight around the forearm or rolled back. An apron or shop coat will help keep the sawdust from following you home.

  4. Know the tools. Do not use any tool that you have not been specifically trained on. Check every tool's fittings before use. Make sure all appropriate safety gear is in place and use it. When in doubt, ask questions!

  5. Keep it clean. A clean, organized shop is a safe shop. Sawdust on the floor is slippery; chisels left on the bench are sharp; boards can get in the way of your tools.

  6. Ask questions. If you're not sure about a technique, ask. We're working in a fun, supportive atmosphere and every question asked makes everyone smarter.


If any of this is unclear, or you need help before your lesson, don’t hesitate to get in touch before class starts. You can email me at, or text or call me at 206-992-7009.