Walnut Cubes

Although I love my work as a furniture designer, sometimes it can be just as rewarding to take someone else’s detailed design and figure out what it takes to make it work (and then build it). In this case, my client came to me with a pretty good idea of exactly what they were looking for: two small cabinets, decorative slat fronts, and lots of neat little tricks hiding inside.

One cabinet is slightly shorter and hides A/V equipment. The lowest shelf has a removable panel so the subwoofer can sit right on the floor. And since nobody wants to have to store a removable panel forever, I added sets of magnets so that it can hide under the shelf above.

The other cabinet has even more tricks. Two small drawers open on either side, and one has space for a power bar and cord to run all the way down to the floor — an instant convenient place to charge your phones! And on the other side is a filing drawer, because, well, that’s what they wanted.